Friday, October 3, 2008

Push the Trigger

Thank You! Thank You, God...

I have come into existence; I was given the power to live. From the Nothingness, the fragmented power of life force - the dreams and fears aroused into existence, and were united into a small, fragile container. That I call me. And this whole world was ready for me, it was awaiting me. Supported me by love and care, pain and suffering. It has been giving the air I breath; the food to build my form up; experiences, coming into contact with my innermost core of being through my senses, and nourish my inner tendencies; and the space that let me grow.

And I grow. The dreams I was given embrace the external world -in a realm deep within me, lying way beyond the sphere of my conscious knowledge- and form something new. Shape and reshape the various energies of the universe, to create something unique. Nobody ever was able to give exactly the same response, and nobody ever will, after I merge back into the Dumb Nothing. In the next moment. Then, I, too, will already be someone else. But in this very moment I still am that I am. And the innermost tendencies push me; An inevitable reverse flow starts and rush into existence trough me. They come through my eyes, through my hands, and I push the trigger.

Something miracle has just happened... The formless has taken a form. God has just come to this very world. He, the formless, trough the vast complexity of hidden tendencies revealed Himself, and has become a play of light and shadow. On a photograph. And He puts his palms together and looks back to me. Smiles, and says: "Bless You; God bless You, Son!"

With this thought I give a thank for winning my first award (for this photo):


- A - C - said...

Really a beautiful post, not to mention your photos, for which I extend my congratulation for your award, well deserved indeed.


DMartini said...

Thank you for the truly warm words, Andrea! It feels good :) Please join to my followers list, when you are around next time!

Take care - Daniel

Mickey said...

man... that photo is amazing...... im sitting here all sad and stuff... that was great... really.

Pentti A said...

This is only the beginning :)

DMartini said...

mickey: Thanks, man! I hope it cheered you up a bit... :) But hey, do not be sad, do not try things too hard in life... It's a great play, enjoy it! ;)

pentti_a: Thanks Pentti, it is nice to CU here, too - welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

"aakaashbhaaraa, sooryataaraa, bishwabharaa praan / taahaari maajhkhaane aami peyechi mor sthaan / bismaye tai jage aamaar gaan --- Tagore"
In this sky, full of the sun and the stars, in this world, full of life, I have found my place, with that amazement my song awakes -- Translation attempted by S. G.